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Charoite and Brass Pendant

Charoite and Brass Pendant


This 27 ct. deep purple gemstone originates from Russia. Set in brass. Features hand-stamped bail, 18 inch chain, and custom handmade clasp.


Unfortunately, raw charoite crystals and items made of charoite stone are not abundant in the marketplace since the material is costly, rare, not regularly mined.  From its Russian meaning, Charoite is indeed a charming and magic-filled crystal. This remarkable stone mainly helps you transform the ethereal realm into something that you can use and grasp in this reality for powerful and practical change in your life as well as for the benefit of others.

Dubbed as the Stone of Transformation, charoite has been associated with all 5 elements and represents the transformation of one element to the next and how they’re intricately intertwined. And because of its brilliant purple shade, it is also said to represent Akasha, making it one of the best stones for the ultimate transformation.

As a soul stone and tool for accessing the higher realms, the charoite crystals can stimulate spiritual insight, inner vision, overcoming fears and assisting in coping with changes at a spiritual stage. This soul stone literally encourages strong vibrational change and assist in linking you to the higher level of spiritual reality.

In addition, during the transformation process, the charoite crystal transforms negative emotions such as anger and fear into positive energies. This allows the release of all toxicity and negativity that is holding you back from the change which allows you to move forward.

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